Playstrict Affiliation

The new affiliate network for mobile games. We offer marketing campaigns, which can be conducted in 16 countries. In the future, we will open our network to more countries on different models and we are constantly developing and widening this network.

Grow your game and business

Find the most effective path for your game to grow and acquire new customers with our 3 types of campaigns. Pre-Save is a campaign in which we introduce the game and its content to potential customers through the affiliate network and then they can save the game for future. Soft Launch is a campaign in which a game will be released to the market and everyone starts playing it. Boost Game is a campaign in which we help new games get promoted on Facebook and Google. We also help existing games get more profits by campaigning on these networks.


Start now for free

Playstrict lets you publish your games for free and plan your success. We help devs grow and monetize their games by providing them with comprehensive marketing, discovery and promotion services.

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