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Game Checker will help you become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your game and tell you what you can do to improve it.

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You no longer have to guess how your game compares to others. Our generator is not only a rating, but also provides extensive suggestions for the development of your product. Check it out and see for yourself!

What Playstrict is?

We introduce you to the Playstrict world, where carrying out soft launches is our flagship. As a Gaming Growth Platform - Playstrict helps developers become visible and better monetize their mobile games by many innovative marketing tools.

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No problem! This tool is also created for you. If you are just in the beginning stages of working on your game, with Game Checker you will not only get the whole process and action steps in order, but also prepare yourself properly for the soft launch.

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Change your perspective

Game Checker removes doubts, extracts features of your game and analyzes it thoroughly as a product. Once you know the results of the test, you'll see many opportunities for game development that you weren't aware of before. Don't wait any longer and find out now how many points you will score!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Manager - how does it work?
The promotional campaign creator is used to make the right promotion for your game at every stage of its lifecycle (Ideation, Soft Launch, Boosting hard launch and special occasions). You can easily choose the right campaign type, settlement model, indicate the budget you want to spend and select the countries where you want to promote your game.
What types of campaign are possible to set?
In Playstrict you have a choice of 3 types of promotional campaigns, each designed with a different focus, to best promote your game. Currently available campaigns are: Pre-Save, Soft Launch, Boost game.
Soft Launch campaign - when to use?
Depending on your needs, you can choose the campaign that best suits your needs from the 3 available. We have listed 3 soft launch phases and for each of them we have assigned a set of countries for which we can run campaigns for you - from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can also skip the phases and decide to run the soft launch as a whole process (one phase) and choose the countries you are interested in.
How Big is the Playstrict affiliate network?
Our affiliate network is constantly growing, we are constantly looking for the right partners who are able to provide us with users who will become your players and customers. We are currently able to run campaigns in 16 countries. If you have specific requirements or the country you are interested in is not on the list then let us know. We will do our best to help you appear in the right markets and meet your business objectives.
Is Playstrict free?
During the early access phase, use of Playstrict is free. In this plan, you can publish your game in our marketplace, test and get your game rated in the Game Checker module, and set up any promotional campaign and launch it at a convenient time. The media budget for a campaign is an exception and depends on the type of campaign, the chosen billing model, target markets, etc. You set the media budget yourself.

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Playstrict lets you publish your games for free and plan your success. We help devs grow and monetize their games by providing them with comprehensive marketing, discovery and promotion services.

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