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App Store Optimization (ASO) is a very necessary process of improving the visibility of an app or game in marketplaces, as well as increasing the conversion rate...

What is ASO and what metrics are most important for marketplace optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a very necessary process of improving the visibility of an app or game in marketplaces, as well as increasing the conversion rate. Apart from working towards a high position in the online stores, ASO is responsible for a significant Click Through Rate - CTR, the results of which depend on proper customization and presentation:

  • Name and title of the app or game
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Specific screenshots/icons/miniatures
  • Number of downloads
  • Ratings and reviews

Within the ASO operation there is also a CRO sub-item, Conversion Rate Optimization, which is treated as a direct part of ASO responsible not only for clicking on the app, but also downloading it or making a purchase.

The ASO process requires first and foremost an understanding of your target customers, which is why the keyword analysis mentioned above is the crux of the entire optimization.

A better understanding of your potential customers leads to their confident acquisition by properly matching the keywords that they are searching for in the search processes similar to your app/games. So, to perform ASO better and increase organic growth, you need to first get to the awareness of not only how customers search, but also how they find what they are looking for.

Why is optimization so important and how can users find your product?

According to Google, as many as 70% of mobile device users use the search engine in marketplaces to find applications, and what's more - 65% of installations occur directly after such searches.

The ranking position of an app or game is in turn directly related to the number of downloads. This works in such a way that apps with the highest ranking position simply have more downloads because users do not scroll through every search engine result - at most the first 5 or so more.

This is the main reason why achieving the highest possible position in such a ranking is crucial for the success of an app or game. Without ASO, you're missing out on the opportunity to expand into the largest marketing channel when it comes to the mobile section.

Main elements determining the success of an ASO - elaboration

Several factors described below have the greatest impact on the positive performance of an ASO. We can distinguish 2 most important ones and a couple of others directly related to them.

  • Application/game name/title

The title should include the keyword that shows the highest search engine traffic, however, this is not quite an easy task to accomplish as there are often changes to the wrong side by doing inappropriate research. A properly matched keyword also makes sure that knowledge about the app/game is conveyed through it in a face to face message and consequently makes it easier to spread. Keyword optimization increases the search ranking of a title by up to about 10.3%.

  • Keywords

Improving search rankings through keywords works on the same principle as choosing the right title and name. A helpful activity is, of course, to monitor your competition to see your performance against others from week to week. Regular keyword optimization is therefore the starting point for adjusting the next elements.

  • Description

With this factor, it is worth remembering that while technically the marketplace algorithm ignores descriptions as such, users are just the opposite. Explaining the individual and attention-grabbing features of an app/game will bring optimization benefits, especially since there is a limited amount of space for this and not many users are likely to click the "expand" option to read a further description.

  • Screenshots/miniatures/videos

Any visualizations that are helpful in getting to know the application make it possible for the user to determine, after a quick look, whether he or she will be interested in the interface graphics and the degree of functionality of the application. App preview videos and screenshots that convey the nature of the product well are very valuable additions to the presentation level content in marketplaces.

  • Numbers of downloads + ratings and reviews

This section is important in terms of conversion rates. Potential users very often suggest the number of downloads and reviews of an app because it seems credible to them - it works by example from those who have already tested it. In order to better communicate with your audience, it's worth leaving space for contact with developers, who are open to feedback and can improve apps or games for their users. It is also worth remembering that responding to unfavorable comments or feedback is also very important, as it shows the professionalism of the author. To optimize the number of downloads and reviews section properly, you should focus on the marketing side of the product. Improving recognition or simply awareness of the app's existence is already a great deal in the context of such optimization and search results.



ASO must be monitored and improved all the time. Optimal sets of keywords are never the ones we choose the first time, so we need to keep in mind persistent analysis, and be aware that it's not just the keywords that determine the success of our app or game.

There are many tools that help with optimizations at every stage of the work, such as App Radar, Appsflyer or SplitMetrics.

With ASO the most important thing is to observe, analyze and react to the ranking situation. Applications with higher ratings will always be higher in the rankings in the context of keywords, so taking care of the image and marketing of the product is the pillar of optimization activities.

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