Ways and goals of creating User Acquisition strategies

In the mobile context - both the applications and the games themselves, which are the focus of Playstrict's business, user acquisition strategies are key activities...

What is a User Acquisition strategy?

In the mobile context - both the applications and the games themselves, which are the focus of Playstrict's business, user acquisition strategies are key activities in achieving sales goals. It is necessary to select the appropriate channels and tools to ensure at least a return on investment, i.e. ROI - Return On Investment.


The goal of creating a UA strategy is to attract consumers to download and interact with your mobile game. Acquiring new users can be done through social ads and mobile ad networks. Mobile game app developers run UA campaigns to attract high-impact users in particular - for example, by using game ads in other games.

Goals and basic actions in UA strategies

  • First of all, you should choose the type of strategy in such a way that you feel certain about the quality of your product during the soft launch. At such a time, by pre-launching a game or app in different markets, developers conduct user acquisition campaigns to test app persistence and monetization before the worldwide launch. It is also important to add that UA campaigns teach developers during the soft launch which creatives and distribution channels produce the best results and prove to be most effective in primarily gaining the highest quality users at the most favorable price during the hard launch.

  • Increasing monetization with high LTV (Lifetime Value per user) is a very important goal of the UA process. The most compelling reason for game developers to run the campaigns we mention here is not just to acquire high LTV users themselves, but to keep them with the product and get them interested enough to stay while generating revenue to support monetization - both from micropayments and through advertising. Knowing the metrics that allow you to track users is actually a core value in achieving your goal. When it comes to mobile games, for example, special attention should be paid to those concerning the aforementioned session length, average revenue or number of starts. UA strategies, which Playstrict provides, allow us to reach these metrics - this means that with the help of professional tools we are able to generate very valuable traffic for your game and make users not only install the game, but also play it.  

  • Minimizing cognitive load is related to the perception of the game itself. It is important to keep in mind that the very action of trying to attract players is to make sure the game is intuitive and to be aware of what titles that are simply well playable look like. It can be said that analyzing the competition and relating knowledge of it to your game is also part of the tactics associated with UA's forward-thinking strategy, as the inclusion of simplicity, intuitiveness, and logic of operation leads to initial interest on the part of the viewer.

  • ASO (App Store Optimization) - ensuring organic visibility in marketplaces is a very important part of UA's strategy as it is responsible for the perception of the game in the public space. Tools to facilitate ASO and optimization are developing all the time. They help with keyword research and potential, competitive analysis, content evaluation, performance monitoring and reporting, and detailed analysis of download performance, among other things.

  • Online campaigns often interact with ASO or rather positively influence its elements. Marketing channels are the most efficient and fastest source of reaching new users. Through our integration with the startup Digital First, which won 2nd place in the Supernova Challenge at GITEX Future Stars in Dubai, we have the ability to provide our clients with access to the most efficient marketing tactics and plans to implement traffic acquisition activities.

You can read more about the tactics and processes connected with a User Acquisition in one of our blog articles titled Soft Launch of a Mobile Game, where we explain in detail the metrics involved in app analytics. With us, you will not only learn but also test all the strategies to attract attention to your game.

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